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MorCan Direct is a dominant force in Toronto's mortgage market with over 14,000 clients and $1.75 billion in mortgages. By working with so many clients to secure mortgage financing and refinancing we are able to pool large volumes together and obtain extremely competitive rates and terms for our clients. We are extremely confident that we will be able to find the solution that is best for you.  If you like to save money, you've come to the right place. We will negotiate with your existing mortgage lender and in some cases find you a new lender that will treat your business with the attention it deserves. By using Non-Balance sheet lenders we are able to align your interests with the interests of those who are investing in your mortgage. It is time to start realizing your value.   


It's our job to keep tabs on the debt market every day, not yours! All we need is some basic information, and we'll determine the exact time that it will be beneficial for you to refinance your mortgage. We can handle the entire process at no cost to you, and you can be confident that your mortgage is at the lowest market rate for the entire amortization period.Fixed or variable - which mortgage loan is right for you? Generally borrowers save money by staying in variable products and weathering the storm of fluctuating rates. Since 1975, approximately 80% of the time, the cost effective route for borrowers was to stay variable. But it's very important to factor in your ability to handle risk. Either way, we can help find you the right lender, in Toronto or elsewhere, to meet your needs.  If you're starting to think about buying a home and applying for a mortgage (or you're already in the thick of it), remember that your pre-approved loan amount may overestimate what you can actually afford to pay. Stay within your budget so you'll be able to comfortably afford your new home. Don't underestimate the extra costs that will become part of your new life as a homeowner. Most importantly, don't go directly to your bank for a mortgage - they won't always offer the lowest and best rate like we can. We will find you the perfect package with the lowest rates.  Contact us today for more information about:
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Second Mortgage

Life is unpredictable. Expenses can spring up anytime. If your current mortgage lender is trying to steer you to higher interest rate unsecured credit, talk to us about a second mortgage or even a third mortgage. By working with you to understand your requirements and repayment plans we can steer you in the right direction. We are confident that our common sense approach to lending will provide you with peace of mind when making your decision.

Not sure if it's time to refinance? The best way to find out is to give us a call. The big banks have some creative ways of making sure that they make money if you refinance, but they don't want you to know how they work - or how to beat them. MorCan's experience over the course of thousands of mortgages has brought us valuable money saving techniques that other mortgage brokers - and certainly the banks - won't necessarily suggest to you that will minimize your closing penalties and take full advantage of every clause in your mortgage contract.  At MorCan Direct we work with lenders in Toronto and across Canada to provide first mortgages, second mortgages, third mortgages and in some cases even short term unsecured debt. Contact one of our representatives for a detailed look at what is possible.  Whether refinancing, consolidating debt, or purchasing a new home, our clients enjoy the experience of dealing with a team of mortgage professionals, right here in Toronto.

Home Mortgage

Upgrade your mortgage with The Unbeatable Mortgage - no catch, no hidden fees. When you get in touch with one of our Toronto mortgage agents and obtain a variable rate mortgage, we guarantee that when you decide to lock in your rate, you will receive the lowest rate on the market. It couldn't be simpler. Call one of our Toronto offices today, or apply online now.

Your mortgage is valuable! Your business is valuable! It is time to start being treated that way. Whether you don't like what you are being told at your bank or you just feel as though a second opinion on your debt could save you some money, talk to the Toronto mortgage agents at MorCan Direct.  If you feel as though you may not be getting the best possible rate on your mortgage loan, give us a call. We realize how important mortgages are and how important not overpaying for one is!  

We look forward to putting our Toronto mortgage service to work for you! Questions: call (416) 766-9000.

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