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Don't you hate it when you buy something big, and then the very next month the price changes or something new comes out that instantly means you paid more than you should?

Mortgages are a lot like that. Sometimes it seems like interest rates are changing every day, or they're about to.  Are they going up?  When will they come back down? And most importantly, am I paying too much?

We follow the rates so you don't have to

At MorCan Direct, we keep daily tabs on the Canadian debt market, and we're able to determine the exact best time for you to refinance your mortgage - both now and later.  That's right, if it turns out that you can save even more money a year or two from now, we'll get in touch and make sure you don't miss out.

Does your bank do that?  No, we didn't think so.

Bank penalties demystified

"He’s approachable, professional and knows the business better than anyone else." – Ben, Toronto

The big banks have some creative ways of making sure that they make money if you refinance, with fancy names like "interest rate differential" but they don't want you to know how they work - or how to beat them.

MorCan's experience over the course of thousands of mortgages has brought us valuable money saving techniques that other mortgage brokers - and certainly the banks - won't necessarily suggest to you that will minimize your closing penalties and take full advantage of every clause in your mortgage contract.

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See for yourself

Not sure if it's time to refinance?  You're welcome to call us anytime, but maybe it's 3 in the morning and you can't wait to get started.  That's why we've created an online calculator that can instantly show you how much staying with your current mortgage is costing you.

Of course, every situation is a little different, and we had to make our calculator into a "one size fits all" solution, so it's possible that we can save you even more money than the calculator is suggesting.  The best way to find out is to give us a call.

How much is an hour of your life worth to you?

We fill out all the paperwork.  We contact the banks on your behalf.  Really, we do just about everything but drive you to the office (and maybe you should ask us about that!)  All we need from you is some basic information that you already have written down, like your last mortgage statement, and we do all the work for you - in many cases, your total time investment is less than an hour, and your potential savings could be hundreds of dollars a month.

Oh, and did we mention our services don't cost you a dime?

Really, you could be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars with less than an hour of "work."  Isn't it time to get started?  Check out our free "Should I break my mortgage?" calculator or better still, give us a call to discuss your unique situation today.

Marcus and his team have always been so professional and incredibly proactive – they did the hard work for us and approached us with great refinancing options – we are now making a huge saving thanks to the Morcan team!”  – Robert & Julie, Toronto


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